LiMETOOLS uses learning techniques that bring together different types of media and device platforms. We are developing programmes that are carried out on mobiles and tablets, enabling learners to interact directly with their specific environments and record and analyse in real time, moving around their own buildings, whilst communicating with colleagues on other sites.
Small steps…regular rewards…measurable change…bringing solutions for future generations

Our central asset store contains short documentaries on key challenges, Q&A interactive learning games, group activity work sheets, animations that make complex issues easier to understand and we have direct contact with global experts who offer opinion and advice to the learner. One of our unique training techniques is to create interactive drama decision games. These carefully researched board room and office simulations help users to face up to highly complex and challenging decisions or their ingrained organisational bad habits and then see the results of their analysis, stimulating them to create their action plans.

The tools combine all these modules into learning pathways that are configurable to meet the varying restrictions of different corporate office environments. They ensure the user progresses carefully through the experience of learning and understanding and then building practical and personalised behavioural change programmes to take advantage of what they have learnt.
The animated illustration above shows how the landscape of a tool develops as the user progresses - just click the green arrow above, then drag or swipe to the right to reveal the learning pathway ( non-animated version on mobiles ). Our planners select the most effective format for each stage of the learning process, guided by what type of activity will deliver the most memorable experience. This ensures that learners will enjoy the work, rather than feel it is just another management duty.