LiMETOOLS uses blended multimedia to inform, facilitate action plans and then offer innovative learning measurement software. We are currently developing tools related to carbon adaptation and business sustainability. To find out more please have a look around this area of the website, watch the video, or download our company background slide deck. Even better, send Paul an e-mail and he’ll pick up the phone the same day. Promise!

Our central asset store contains short documentaries on key issues, Q&A learning games, group activity work sheets, fictional drama decision-making scenarios, and we have direct access to global experts to produce opinion videos. Watch the video below to get more of an idea.

On this site we explain what our products and services are; why businesses are using them; how the tools we build ensure behaviour change in all types of organisation; and who we are. On each page, there is the option for you to contact us directly. The logo at the top of each page will always take you back to our homepage.