We provide business training tools that use a mix of activities presented in various interactive media formats, supported by innovative learning measurement software. Unlike technical solutions that try but quickly fail to keep up with the latest hacker breakthrough, we go to the root cause that allows them in…human error. Unlike external business consultancy, often expensive and time-consuming, our modular products are designed to be applied easily and cost effectively within existing organisational workflow and can be configured by each business or cascaded down the supply chain to ensure full compliance. Our tools don’t just inform…they are designed to be memorable experiences that change habits in a measurable way.

We have built a team who are: experts in the psychology of learning in the workplace; leading consultants that recognise local opportunities to close down cyber vulnerabilities in a corporate environment; and digital storytellers who can make complex editorial accessible.

“Employees are often the weakest link in a security procedure and organisations should promote good security culture and best practice.”   -  GCHQ/CESG and the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure ( CPNI )
Our software monitors the progress of each individual user, intervening automatically if they need support or produce low scores. The data is aggregated to provide a continually updated snapshot of each user in a company, offering peer score comparisons between departments and across different sites. We also produce tools to support in-house group workshop facilitators. We take a lot of care to ensure that the experience of using our tools is a positive one; and that the activities feel relevant to each individual’s work objectives.