" In order for people to change their behaviour they have to start by doing something " - Hogan, 2005

Over the last five years, we have collected significant evidence to suggest that many large organisations, buying increasingly expensive antivirus technology, know it is not solving their security weakness. Instilling a new collaborative approach to staff behaviour change is the key to lowering risk quickly and if done correctly, will continue to remain a strong barrier irrespective of technological advances.

In March 2015 the Cabinet Office estimated that Cyber Crime is costing the UK £27 bn a year. In the same report, theft of intellectual property was said to be valued at £9.2bn; industrial espionage at £7.6bn; citizens suffered to the extent of £3.1bn and the Government lost £2.2bn a year. While these figures are estimates, this report stated: “Over the last decade the threat to national security and prosperity from cyber-attacks has increased exponentially”.
Large organisations don’t overcome these challenges by just buying new kit. They need learning and training tools that engage staff, encourage behavioural change within the business and deliver significant longer term cost reductions and competitiveness as a result.